How the Program Works

You Choose the Speaker ... NCMIC Covers the Cost

Simply put, you choose which speaker you would like, and let us know the date and time. We'll foot the bill for the speaker's honorarium and their travel costs—including transportation, lodging and meals. This ensures all registration dollars remain with your organization.

The chiropractic profession's most respected speakers at NO COST to your organization

  • Speakers with a variety of experience and specialties
  • Complimentary – NCMIC covers all the speaker's costs
  • Variety of programs developed for chiropractors

Our speakers are listed both by topic and alphabetically. Please take a minute to look over each speaker's experience and specialties. Then, when you've decided on a speaker who's perfect for your organization's program, give us a call.

Call today at 800-321-7015 ext. 4562

Offer subject to speaker availability.