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At NCMIC, our know-how may help you avoid a claim or board complaint. All doctors can view a variety of risk management articles and posts, and policyholders can browse our extensive archive of Examiner case studies and articles by selecting the "My NCMIC Login" tab and signing in.

Examiner Publication:

  • Real-life cases studies so you can learn from the experiences of others.*
  • Practical articles with strategies for avoiding a malpractice allegation or board complaint.
  • Q & As about potential claims situations.

Featured Articles:

  • Case Study: Lost Records Challenge Defense 
    If you’re like most D.C.s, losing even part of a single record would be nerve wracking. Imagine if you lost all of your records … and a lawsuit ensued. Find out what happened when a D.C. encountered this very situation.
  • Common Documentation Mistakes 
    Find out how making these common documentation mistakes could put your practice at risk in the event of a malpractice allegation.
  • Five Ways Your Staff Can Reduce Practice Risk
    It’s easy to underestimate your employees’ potential influence on whether a patient decides to sue you. But consider this: In many offices, your staff will have more contact with patients than you.

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*All doctor and patient names are changed to protect privacy.