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Is Your Equipment the Right Fit?

With a roll of your shoulders, you realize you're a little stiff after seeing patients all day. Now, with a shrug, you don't think any more about it.  Is it possible that your equipment isn't the right fit?

As we process equipment loan applications, it's not uncommon to hear: “I didn’t even consider my table was too high (or too low) until I felt a constant stiffness in my shoulders and back.”

You might be inclined to dismiss that you would ever do anything like this, but think about it. Do you have treatment rooms that still have that old, nonadjustable table that you purchased when you opened your practice?

That doesn’t mean it isn’t a quality table, it just may not allow you to adjust to a height best suited for you.  This is especially true for those doctors who work with other practitioners using the same equipment.

And, maybe it isn’t just your table.  Are you still using the roller chair you brought from home?  Does your assistant or office manager prefer to stand while he/she works?  Ever notice them rubbing their eyes, neck or back?  Maybe it’s time to ask if their front desk and computer monitors are still ergonomically suited and comfortable for them.

You are in the business to make your patients feel better, but don’t overlook your own needs until you feel a little tinge.  Be sure to heed your own advice and take care of yourself.  Take a moment and evaluate what you should change to make your work environment healthier for you and your staff.  Your shoulders and back will thank you for it.

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