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Finding the Best Person

Once you've identified your staffing needs and developed appropriate job descriptions, it's time to begin the search to find a qualified individual to fill the position. Many chiropractors decide to hire patients because they have first-hand experience and a knowledge base of the chiropractic profession. Or you may also choose to hire someone who doesn't have much knowledge of chiropractic, but who has the right attitude, open-mindedness and potential.

Find Qualified Candidates Inexpensively

Help wanted ads and employment agencies may be obvious places to start but can be expensive.

Here are some less expensive ways to find qualified employees:

  • Employee referrals – ask current employees to mention the opening to friends or acquaintances;
  • Patient referrals – ask patients if they know anyone who would be qualified for the position (they might be interested in it as well).
  • Networking – let businesses know you’re hiring. They may have a recommendation for you.
  • Advertising – newspaper ads may be expensive. But consider postings at nearby colleges (depending on the position).
  • Social media – consider using LinkedIn to advertise a position. If you have a Facebook page or a practice website, you can advertise there, too.
  • Hire the employed – look for someone you know who has the skills you need and who excels in their current job.
  • Websites – check into advertising on or your local paper’s online listing. You may find other online job listings as well.

Prescreen Applicants

Because your time is valuable, prescreen candidates to narrow down those you’re interested in:

  • Sort resumes into three categories - the very best, those that could be possibilities and those who are not qualified.
  • Review your criteria and determine which applicants you want to interview
  • You may choose to interview by phone as an opportunity to prescreen before asking candidates in for a personal interview.
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