Chiropractic Has Gone From Jail to Yale

Chiropractic history is filled with factual stories about hundreds of D.C.s who went to jail for practicing medicine without a license, for having the courage of their convictions and for keeping our profession alive.

Chiropractic Has Gone From Jail to YaleBy Louis Sportelli, D.C.

Half a century later, Anthony Lisi, D.C., is faculty at the Yale School of Medicine Center for Medical Informatics. Yale, in collaboration with the VA Connecticut Healthcare System, has launched an innovative program led by Dr. Lisi to train a postdoctoral chiropractic fellow.*

This initiative will bring untold benefits within and outside the VA system because it will build interprofessional collaboration opportunities and help answer research questions including whether chiropractic care can substitute for analgesic use. The NCMIC Foundation is a proud funder of this program.

I would wager that those early chiropractic pioneers knew they would shake the world. Today, we can be inspired by these stories of obstacles overcome and let them guide us to the opportunities ahead.

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* Innovations in Musculoskeletal Pain Administration, Analytics and Care Training (IMPA2CT).