Support of Chiropractic Research and Education

As the true leader of chiropractic malpractice insurance, NCMIC was founded by and for Doctors of Chiropractic in 1946. Our policyholders know NCMIC’s strength is summarized by its motto, “We Take Care of Our Own®.”

One of the key ways we demonstrate this is by supporting chiropractic research and education projects that validate the impact of chiropractic care and chiropractic’s cost-effectiveness in healthcare. Some examples from NCMIC and the NCMIC Foundation include:

  • $1 million to the Foundation for Chiropractic Progress
  • $2 million to the Neck Pain Task Force, which now serves as the latest evidence in research on vertebral artery dissection* 

NCMIC is proud to have funded $14.3 million in support of chiropractic research and education since 1995. (See the sidebar at right for links to projects funded through the NCMIC Foundation.)

In today’s environment, research is not only expected but also required by policymaking organizations. And, for research to be taken seriously in the world outside of chiropractic, it must be ideologically blind. That is why NCMIC supports research without bias toward philosophy, technique, college or statute.

At NCMIC, we are proud to champion the chiropractic profession and continually foster growth and advancement through investment and collaboration. Find out more information about the NCMIC Foundation or the company’s We Take Care of Our Own philosophy.

NCMIC's Foundation: Furthering the Cause

In 2003, NCMIC founded the NCMIC Foundation, a nonprofit 501(3)(c) entity, dedicated to ensuring the availability of dollars for chiropractic research and education. This chiropractic research funding has been comprehensive and far-reaching.

The NCMIC Foundation also provides grants to dual-degreed Doctors of Chiropractic to increase the number of people who recognize the value of chiropractic in the healthcare delivery system. Learn more about the NCMIC Foundation’s extensive support by selecting the links below.

McAndrews Research Award
Published Articles

* The authors of this important research concluded that “… increased risks for VBA stroke associated with chiropractic … is likely due to patients with headache and neck pain from VBA dissection seeking care before their stroke. We found no evidence to excess risk of VA stroke associated with chiropractic care compared to primary care.”