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Examiner Winter 2017

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Doctor Fails Documentation Test [Case Study]

After Barb Smith fell down the stairs, she visited her chiropractor, Dr. Wingalt, whom she had not seen in a year. During that gap in chiropractic care, Mrs. Smith developed serious health issues unbeknownst to Dr. Wingalt. When complications developed post chiropractic care, a lawsuit ensued, causing Dr. Wingalt’s care and recordkeeping to come into question.

NCMIC's Seed Money Leads to $14 Million Grant

A landmark study on nondrug therapies to prevent chronic back pain received the largest federal grant to be led by chiropractors. NCMIC and the NCMIC Foundation were pleased to have provided the seed money to conduct this study.

Metastasis of a Poorly Differentiated Sarcoma

A kind 79-year-old gentleman named Arthur presented to Dr. Demetrious's office for chiropractic care. After entering the exam room, Arthur related that he was suffering from a pins- and-needles sensation affecting the anterolateral aspect of his left leg along the L2 to L4 dermatomes.

What are the Risks of Expanding My Social Media Presence?

Question: I recently began using social media to communicate with family and friends. Are there any risks associated with expanding my social media presence? Answer: Attorney Mandi Karvis suggests you have two separate profiles—one for your personal life and one for your practice, among other recommendations.

NCMIC Offers CE Opportunities and Premium Discounts

NCMIC offers malpractice insurance premium discounts for CE credits--whether they’re online or in person.

NCMIC & Chiropractic Pediatrics

Some doctors believe that NCMIC doesn’t cover the chiropractic treatment of children. Here is the reality.

Notice of Board Election

Policyholders of NCMIC Insurance Company are members of National Chiropractic Mutual Holding Company and are hereby notified there will be two vacancies to be filled on the Board of Directors at the annual meeting to be held on April 16, 2018. The Board of Directors will nominate two doctors to fill these vacancies.

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