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Examiner Spring 2018

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Case Study: Patient Misperceives Doctor’s Care; Problems Result

Jeff Jontas, D.C., was distraught when he was summoned by the police to answer questions about an alleged impropriety. This was despite the fact the patient received treatment in accordance with chiropractic standards, reported significant relief from care and returned for several treatments. 

Case Study: Doctor’s Practice Growth Hindered by Credit Problems

Thomas Rather, D.C., was going through a divorce when he decided to upgrade his practice to operate the practice more efficiently and position himself as a tech-savvy doctor in the community. He applied for a loan and was shocked when his financing was denied until he remembered an unusual phone call and email. 

It’s the Cherry on Top of All Things NCMIC

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Is It Appropriate to Text Patients?

Attorney Mandi Karvis advises that conversations can easily evolve from simple messages (e.g., scheduling) to something causing concern.

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