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Examiner Spring 2017

The Examiner includes real-life case studies, as well as articles, that let you learn from the expertise and experience of others. Print the pdf of the current issue to read the following and more:

Defense Team and Experts Support the Doctor [Case Study]

Joe Lynch complained of neck pain, neck stiffness and pain radiating into his left shoulder and upper arm. After a referral from a medical doctor, Joe treated with Ron Mayne, D.C., who adjusted his full spine and provided shoulder, electric muscle stimulation and neuromuscular rehabilitation. When Dr. Mayne added spinal decompression therapy as a result of new findings, complications - and a lawsuit - ensued.

To Treat or Not to Treat: That is the Question

Most D.C.s would never do an improptu adjustment on someone who walks into their office who they have never examined or treated before. Yet many doctors don't hesitate to do a quick adjustment on a friend or relative. Attorney Carol Romano advises why this is generally not a good idea unless proper protocols are followed.

Problem Areas with Contracts

Do you read agreements before you sign them? If so, you're probably among the minority. The temptation is simply to sign without really knowing what obligations you're undertaking. Attorneys Stephanie Preut and Brian Niceswanger share four types of common contracts and how they can become problematic for many D.C.s.

Attorneys' Advice on Chiropractic Board Complaints - Q & A

Question: Are chiropractic boards are "targeting" some areas? Answer: We asked attorneys Steven Conway, D.C., and Katherine Otto to share what types of chiropractic board complaints they are seeing to help D.C.s learn from the experiences of others and make needed improvements in their practices [video].

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