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Examiner Fall 2018

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Not Re-X-raying Results in Misdiagnosis

Jan Rowe, age 12, saw Joan Bauer, DC, after landing awkwardly during a cheerleading jump. Miss Rowe complained of low back pain, pulling to the groin muscle and an occasional limp.

Off-the-Record Treatment Hinders Case

To relieve intense, right shoulder and arm pain, 47-year-old Gail Hill had a discectomy with fusion and plating at C5-C6 one year before seeing Tom Gold, DC, for a carpal tunnel evaluation.

Patient’s True Health Revealed

Things got interesting when the NCMIC defense team reviewed a patient’s social media to see if she was embellishing the severity of her complaints in a lawsuit against Jack Chin, DC.

Doctor’s Defense Up Against the Ropes

Aspiring boxer Tonya Jackson asked Donna Jeppersen, DC, to travel with her to tournaments as her coach and chiropractor. After a robust sparring session, Ms. Jackson collapsed.

Doctor Attempts to Relieve Preteen’s Cervical Discomfort

Following a traumatic automobile accident and 13 days of hospitalization, 11-year-old Kelly Barber had lingering neck pain and presented to Martin Wolfe, DC, wearing a hard collar.

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* Based on an NCMIC policyholder survey conducted by Ward Group, the leading provider of benchmarking and best practices research studies for insurance companies. For more information about Ward Group, visit www.wardinc.com.