Premium Dividend

Good Decisions Pay … Dividends

Your good decisions—choosing NCMIC’s malpractice insurance plan and practicing sound risk management—have paid off.

Around the last week of March or early April, you will receive your 2020 premium dividend check—the 24th year in a row that NCMIC has returned a premium dividend!

“We Take Care of Our Own” has been and continues to be our vision. We make you the reason for our business and the driving force behind every choice we make. You’ll see it in how we listen, support and advise you about your policy, risk management and claim questions. And it’s reflected in the premium dividend you’re about to receive.

Congratulations and enjoy your premium dividend … you deserve it!

Malpractice Insurance

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Premium dividends are not guaranteed.We Take Care of Our Own is a registered service mark of NCMIC Group, Inc., and NCMIC Risk Retention Group, Inc.