Dividend FAQs

Answers to your questions about the NCMIC Malpractice Insurance Premium Dividend:

Who determines if a dividend will be issued and how much will be paid?

The NCMIC Board of Directors meet annually in the fourth quarter to determine if a dividend will be declared and what the overall amount will be. This decision is based on the ongoing financial stability of the company, return on investments, and how well our policyholders have managed risk in their practices.

Though not guaranteed, this is the 24th consecutive year in which NCMIC has issued a premium dividend. The premium dividend is just one of many reasons it pays to be an NCMIC policyholder.

How are premium dividend checks calculated?

Your dividend is based on your continuing loyalty to NCMIC, and the amount of your check is based on your premium paid, the length of uninterrupted time you’ve been protected by NCMIC, and your part- or full-time status.

Can I apply my dividend check toward my annual premium or to the NCMIC Foundation?

Of course. To apply your dividend toward your annual premium, simply endorse your dividend check to “NCMIC Insurance Company” and return it by mail with a check for the remainder of your premium when you receive your next billing statement.

To donate your premium dividend to the NCMIC Foundation, endorse your enclosed NCMIC premium dividend check as “Pay to the order of NCMIC Foundation” and return it in the envelope included with your dividend check.  

Will the dividend be mailed to my home address or my business address?

The check will be sent to your standard NCMIC mailing address automatically. If you would like to change your mailing address for all correspondence (not just your premium dividend check), please call an NCMIC customer service representative toll free at 1-800-769-2000, ext. 3808. If you wish to receive your check at a new address, please notify us by March 1, 2020.

When can I expect my dividend check?

Look for your dividend check to arrive the last week of March or in early April. Although the annual ballot for the election is mailed separately this year, rest assured you will receive your dividend check shortly thereafter you receive the ballot.

What can I do if my check is lost, damaged or destroyed?

Notify NCMIC and we will request a stop payment on that check and reissue a new dividend check as quickly as possible. You can email an NCMIC customer service representative at submissions@ncmic.com or call us at 800-769-2000, ext. 3808.

If I don't receive my check in the mail, how long should I wait before contacting NCMIC?

Please allow at least 30 days to ensure that postal service has had adequate time to deliver the check to you.

We will do everything we can to get the checks processed and mailed by March 28. Therefore, please wait until at least April 28 before contacting us. If you have not received your check by that time, please contact us by email at submissions@ncmic.com or call us at 800-769-2000, ext. 3808.