Each Time You Refer a Friend - Get $25 Gift Card to Spend

Referral Program

The highest compliment our doctors can give us is to recommend NCMIC to a fellow D.C. For every malpractice insurance referral we talk with, we will give you a $25 Amazon gift card. If submitting more than one referral, after clicking the gray "Submit" button below, click this link to submit another referral.

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Referral Information

Referring Doctor's Information (Current NCMIC Policyholder)

    The NCMIC Malpractice Insurance Plan is underwritten by NCMIC Insurance Company. In the states of Florida and New York, the NCMIC Malpractice Insurance Plan is issued by NCMIC Risk Retention Group, Inc.

    We request that each referral include contact information for a licensed D.C. who is not currently insured by NCMIC.