What All Doctors of Chiropractic Should Know

What All Doctors of Chiropractic Should Know

In her 35-year career, Michele has seen a lot, including what factors really make a difference in a malpractice lawsuit. In her article, "What All Doctors of Chiropractic Should Know," Michele offers six tips. Here is tip #5 on why you need support in a malpractice allegation or board complaint ...

"The filing of a lawsuit is disturbing to any doctor. They are distracted by the allegations and worried about the outcome. They worry how the alleged damages will affect their assets and whether their insurance coverage will be sufficient to protect their practice or their children’s college funds. They start to be suspicious of all patients and worried about other lawsuits. They begin to question if they are not good doctors or whether they can injure patients. If this happens to you, you need a solid foundation of support. You need the support of insurance professionals who care about your reputation and practice, as well as the profession in general. You need attorneys who understand chiropractic and know how to navigate the allegations specific to chiropractic practice."

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