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We're excited to announce the NCMIC malpractice insurance policy enhancements.

NCMIC Policy Enhancements

We are happy to share this good news with our policyholders. Here are answers to questions you may have about these changes:

Why are these enhancements being made to NCMIC’s malpractice insurance policy?

At NCMIC, we always strive to provide our doctors with the best malpractice insurance available. When our doctors ask for additional coverage or benefits, we listen! We are glad we can provide these changes.

Will this improved coverage increase my premium costs?

No. These added benefits will not cost you an additional premium.

How is the new Audit and Legal Defense Endorsement different than the prior Supplemental Legal Defense Endorsement?

The limit for supplemental defense costs has increased to $60,000. In addition, the definition of covered proceedings was expanded to include wrongful billing allegations from health insurance companies.

Do my current ongoing board matters get this new limit?

This expanded coverage will not apply to any covered proceedings that were instituted against you prior to the date this new endorsement was added to your policy.

What are the “covered proceedings”?

Covered proceedings include:

  • Civil Proceedings for Alleged Sexual Misconduct
  • HIPAA and Privacy Related Proceedings
  • Quality Improvement Organization (QIO) Sanctions Proceedings
  • State Disciplinary Proceedings
  • Wrongful Billing and Related Proceedings (including wrongful billing allegations from health insurance companies)

When will these policy enhancements become effective?

These enhancements will become effective on the date of your next renewal.

Do I need to do anything to add these enhancements to my policy?

No. These enhancements will automatically be added to your policy on your renewal date.

What if I have questions regarding these enhancements?

We look forward to speaking with you. Call us at 1-800-247-8043.