Take a closer look at NCMIC

Coverage That Says You Matter

Not all malpractice insurance plans for DCs are the same. When you take a closer look you'll clearly see the differences.

NCMIC Offers

  • True consent to settle. NCMIC will not dictate that you settle your case. We will fight your case in court with you if you face a malpractice allegation, giving you every opportunity to protect your reputation.
  • A direct relationship. Nearly all other companies are a broker, and they decide who insures you. This means your policy and everything related to it go somewhere else. Because NCMIC is a direct write company, you always deal directly with an employee of NCMIC.
  • Commitment to the chiropractic profession. NCMIC believes your future is our future. Since 1995, we’ve given nearly $16 million to chiropractic research and education.
  • Claims advice hotline. Have a situation you’re unsure of how to handle? Our professional claims representatives are ready to assist you and may even help you avoid a lawsuit.

Policy Enhancements That Better Serve You

Our Malpractice Insurance Plan brings you comprehensive coverage.

  • Supplemental legal defense coverage. This enhancement offers $60,000 in extra coverage, which is the highest offered by any chiropractic insurance company without an additional charge. It provides defense costs for:

    • Insurance audit situations including Medicare/Medicaid, Blue Cross, Aetna, etc.

    • HIPAA and privacy related proceedings

    • State board related matters

  • Premium discounts for new practitioners. These discounts just got even bigger and now include fifth year DCs.

  • Part-time pricing. We offer part-time pricing for our DCs that are available for patient appointments of 20 hours or less and see fewer than 70 patients per week.

No other company understands, supports and protects what’s important to you like we do. Join our network of nearly 41,000 DCs who know—you can trust NCMIC!

I'm Ready to Apply for Coverage

The NCMIC Malpractice Insurance Plan is underwritten by NCMIC Insurance Company. In the states of Florida and New York, the NCMIC Malpractice Insurance Plan is issued by NCMIC Risk Retention Group, Inc.