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Risk Management

Don't Teeter-Totter with Your Policy Limits

Many health insurer networks mandate higher malpractice insurance policy limits than what is required by state chiropractic licensing board regulations. Some D.C.s make the mistake of “teeter-tottering” with their limit levels in an effort to go with the state's lower amounts.

What some D.C.s do is purchase the necessary higher policy limits before submitting an application to a health insurer for credentialing or recredentialing. Then, they lower their limits after the health insurer approves the application. This practice presents an obvious danger.

Most health insurers’ contracts contain language requiring the practitioner to maintain these limits. A typical contract might read:

“I warrant that I will, during the entire term of the agreement,
maintain compliance with administrative and operational policies.”

Network contracts will be immediately terminated if practitioners are found to have malpractice insurance policy limits lower than contractually required. Doctors must maintain the contractual malpractice insurance policy limits to avoid putting their provider contracts at risk.

If you have questions regarding your malpractice insurance policy limits, please contact us at 1-800-247-8043.

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