What Licenses Do You Need?

Getting started with your own practice presents a host of questions. This is a common one submitted to "Ask the Expert."


What Licenses Do You Need?

How do we know we have acquired all state and county licensure and permit to practice legally? Every state is different and my business licensure requirements changed when I moved the practice less than one mile down the road because the zip code fell in a different county.

My suggestion is to contact the department of business and professional regulations for the city you plan to open in. 

In my state, this department of advisors told me whether I needed a state license or certification of competency as well as permitting requirements if I planned to build out the space. 

In most states, you will need to register the business with the state as well as obtain a business tax receipt. 

A community development service department will also advise you on rules and regulations regarding signage and painting. 

The Small Business Administration has a website link dedicated to helping new businesses navigate and comply with the wide range of local, state and federal rules.


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