What's On Your Back-to-School List?

Maybe you're not going back to school but you may have a list of things to accomplish. What's on your list to build and grow your practice?


What's On Your Back-to-School List?

It's almost the end of summer. If you have children, you know how important it is to start the list of things they'll need to start school. How about you? You're getting ready to graduate or maybe you're already in practice. But you know what? You've probably forgotten a few things you should be doing to get ready to start or grow your practice! Now may be a good time to review key steps.

Maybe it's time to "list" the things that will make your life easier as you leave school or as you get ready to welcome new patients!

If you will be new to practice, did you:

  • Create a personal budget?
  • Check your credit and FICO scores?
  • Visit doctors in the area you want to practice?
  • Volunteer in your community?
  • Find a team consisting of a banker, tax accountant and contract attorney?

If you've been out there a while, have you:

  • Revisited your business plan?
  • Looked for speaking opportunities?
  • Volunteered in your community?
  • Asked for referrals from your patients?
  • Utilized free press?

Going back to school time is just a reminder of how far you still might have to go to get to the place you want to be. Make that list!

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