How to Join Major Networks

Here are the first steps you'll need to take to join major networks like Medicare, Medicaid, and Blue Cross and Blue Shield.

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How to Join Major Networks

Chances are you're most interested in joining the Medicare/Medicaid and Blue Cross/Blue Shield networks. In fact, it makes sense to join these first.

They will provide you with the increased credibility you need to become affiliated with other managed care networks later.

The steps in signing up for Medicare/Medicaid and Blue Cross/Blue Shield:

Medicare/Medicaid Provider Number:

  1. Contact the carrier (varies from state to state) or visit the Medicare website (
  2. Contact your state's chiropractic association for local Medicaid rules and regulations.

Blue Cross/Blue Shield Provider Number:

  1. Most states require that each participating provider have a unique number, although corporations may also need a corporate identification number for filing claims. (Requirements vary from state to state. Check with your state's Blue Cross/Blue Shield office. Locate yours by going to the Blue Cross/Blue Shield website,, and entering your ZIP code.)
  2. Request an insurance filing requirement packet and/or visit with a provider relations representative.
  3. Request information on electronic billing.

What If Your Initial Application is Rejected?

If your application to affiliate is initially rejected, don't accept this as the final word. Affiliating with a quality managed care organization may be worth the effort. You can:

  • Communicate with the provider relations department at the plan.
  • Be persistent, professional and non-confrontational. Find others who can be your advocate.

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