Is Your Location Scaring Patients Away?

Make sure your office location is not displeasing to your patients.

Patient Experience

Is Your Location Scaring Patients Away?

Choosing a location is about more than just the price or the size of the space. Take a look around and consider what patients and prospects will see before they even enter your practice.

When I saw a new patient who had been in an automotive accident two weeks prior, I found out that she had seen another chiropractor during the previous week.

Ms. Jones related that following her accident she was taken by ambulance to a local emergency room and evaluated. She then sought legal advice and was sent by her attorney to another chiropractor's office.

She was seen there three times and when I asked why she had not returned, she said that she was uncomfortable in the facility and it's location. She indicated that her lawyer had asked her the same question and after she forwarded a picture of the office to him his response was "Oh."

Interestingly, she was not displeased with care but was somewhat frightened by the office location and felt that it presented in an unprofessional manner. As an example, the outdoor sign did not list the doctor or office name but rather read....


Being a pharmacist, Ms. Jones was quite familiar with several medical specialties and providers. Regretfully, she did not feel that the facility where she was referred projected the image of a professional nor the environment of a healthcare facility. While she reported that the doctor was kind and seemed competent, but she was "just not comfortable."

As we know, consumers are quite picky and have many choices. While each of our offices will be unique, a safe and sanitary facility is a must!

Please ask yourself a few honest questions and let those guide you accordingly.

  • Is your office "inviting" both outside and in?
  • Is it clean on both the interior and exterior?
  • Is it a place that you would comfortably refer a love one?

Happy Days!

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