Getting a Referral When You Least Expect It

There may be no sure-fire way to ensure you'll get referrals. But a few steps on your part when you make a referral may reap just rewards.


Getting a Referral When You Least Expect It

I recently received a referral from an orthopedic surgeon in the area. He sent over a gentleman who had been injured while working as an emergency medical technician about six months ago. The patient had originally gone to a walk in facility associated with our local hospital and was treated there for four weeks. He had also received one month of physical therapy. While the referral was not uncommon, it came from a doctor who I know by reputation, although we've never met personally.

In his dictated notes, the comments stated "I think this is someone who will benefit from chiropractic manipulation. I have written for chiropractic treatment and provided him with a referral to Dr. Wayne Wolfson."

I was naturally pleased to see the specific referral to me and while I attribute it to providing appropriate care in our community for many years, I also believe that having sent him dictated records with a personal thank you note and business card in the past probably made a difference.
In building a practice small steps and details are essential for success. While most chiropractors provide excellent care going "above and beyond" can make a big difference.
During the coming year, why not make a resolution to not only thank those professionals who send referrals, but also send a copy of your medical records documenting care. I'm sure you'll be glad you did.... Happy Days!!!

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