Do You Visit the Offices You Refer To?

Here's what one D.C. does instead of creating a PowerPoint presentation.


Do You Visit the Offices You Refer To?

I have never been a fan of formal "chiropractic presentations" to other offices. However, that does not mean I do not see the importance of making sure they are familiar with me and my office.

Here's what I do instead.

My office no longer takes x-rays, as I opted to not update my old equipment. Instead, I refer to the local hospital or to one of the orthopedic offices that perform X-rays/MRIs. Granted, they usually give the patient a CD of the study, but they don't do this all the time.

When I need information from the hospital or another physician’s office (and if my schedule allows), I will ask if I can stop in to look at the X-rays or whatever else is needed for the patient.

This allows me to get some face time with the office staff and perhaps the physician if he or she is not busy. It's a great way to show them a professional side of me and probably says more about my professionalism than a PowerPoint presentation would.

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