Creating a Business Page on LinkedIn

Have you considered the impact a LinkedIn business page could have on your practice?


Creating a Business Page on LinkedIn

One of the last places you may think your practice needs to be is LinkedIn. And, while LinkedIn has  long been considered a great place to network if you were looking for a job, it is finding new life as a place to learn more about businesses, their employees and much more.

Specifically, LinkedIn business pages have evolved.  While you still have to have a personal page to create a business page, your LinkedIn business page is almost as important as a website when creating a brand.

Why?  LinkedIn has reported that ...

  • 35 percent of users login daily to review information.
  • 44 percent of users report they find it easier to build meaningful networks than face-to-face opportunities.
  • 77 percent of users do product and service-related research on LinkedIn.
  • 87 percent of users trust their product information.

This data demonstrates LinkedIn is considered a valuable resource, and it contains enhancements such as the “Follower” feature and “Status Updates” as new tools to help business better communicate to their followers.  With proposed enhancements such as Follower Inbox Announcements and HTML enabled company pages, LinkedIn Company Pages will become a must have for every business.

You’re probably thinking you don’t have time to manage one more social media site.  However, before you talk yourself out of adding a LinkedIn business page, consider this a distribution channel of information. 

The information you are putting on your website can be reused here.  If you are blogging or adding links to interesting news stories on your website, then you should add this information under the status update.  Other information you can include:

  • news releases
  • achievements
  • event announcements
  • tips on chiropractic care
  • other health-related news

Ultimately, in a world increasingly muddled with messaging, LinkedIn provides a unique platform for you to discuss your practice and the values and philosophies that help shape how you do business.

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