Newspaper, TV, Radio & More

Reaching the right audience through the right medium can lead to a more succssful marketing program.


Newspaper, TV, Radio & More

There are many choices when it comes to advertising media. Whether you're considering the local newspaper, radio, direct mail, Yellow Pages or TV, evaluating the cost and who you're reaching will be important information in your decision-making process.

Newspaper advertising can be as simple as a small business-card-sized ad or larger. Size, color, placement and frequency will all play into the cost. Also, find out who reads the newspaper. Demographic information should be available to help you determine if you’ll be reaching the appropriate audience.

Depending on where you live, there may be other local or regional publications geared toward the audience you’re trying to reach. These may be options to research, as well.

Direct mail can be more costly than other forms of advertising. But with the right mailing list, you may be able to better target prospective patients.

Advertising in the Yellow Pages may not be as vital as it once was but, depending on your community, this may be another way to be readily visible to those who still use telephone books. An advertising representative can talk to you about options for line listings, as well as ads.

As part of the Yellow Pages (or other phone book) listings, you may also receive an online listing that can help enhance your online presence.

Television may be an affordable option for local programing. Demographics for specific TV shows will help you determine if you’re targeting the right individuals. For example, television adversiting could also reach many individuals outside of your community, making the amount you spend lesscost effective.

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