Attorney Thomas Jensen Provides 4 Reasons to choose NCMIC

In this video, a top defense attorney offers four reasons for making NCMIC your number-one choice.


Why Should You Choose NCMIC for Your Malpractice Insurance

Top malpractice defense attorney Thomas Jensen shares four reasons NCMIC should be your number one choice in chiropractic malpractice insurance providers.

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Minneapolis defense attorney Thomas Jensen shares the following four reasons to choose NCMIC:

Reason 1: They Don’t Cut Corners
While some insurance providers might settle your claim as quickly and inexpensively as possible, NCMIC is different. Tom explains that NCMIC and its team of lawyers are here to defend their doctors and will do what is necessary to accomplish that at whatever cost. “That’s not the case with a lot of insurance companies who have you as a policyholder and try to keep claim costs down,” Tom says.

Reason 2: Experience That Makes a Difference
If experience is truly the best teacher, as the phrase goes, then NCMIC’s claims staff is setting the curve. There aren’t many questions or types of allegation NCMIC’s seasoned team hasn’t heard or seen before. That’s why they’re able to provide expert guidance for any type of problem you may be encountering. According to Tom, They are truly “claims professionals … some of the most experienced people in this profession.”

Part of what makes NCMIC’s claims representatives so knowledgeable is their longevity and the low turnover. As Tom points out, that’s really important. “People go to NCMIC and they stay. That means you are dealing with people who have decades of experience in handling claims just like yours. [People] who have the same sensitivities and concerns that you have, who want to help you in every way … and have relationships with doctors and lawyers to help you in your case.”

Reason 3: Handpicked Legal Team
In addition to a team of claims professionals, NCMIC also has a panel of handpicked lawyers available to support you. What’s even better, they provide this legal team with regular education and training to keep them up to date on the “latest and greatest that’s happening in terms of the profession and best practices when it comes to defending members of the profession.”

Reason 4: Expert Witnesses
Claims professionals, a trained legal team and expert witnesses who can provide testimony on your behalf - NCMIC has it all. When it comes to defending your reputation in the courtroom, Tom doesn’t see how any other malpractice insurance provider can equal the relationships NCMIC has developed during the years. “When you’re an insurance company in a specialized area like chiropractic and have a presence like NCMIC has, just imagine the access they have to expert witnesses … relationships with some of the greatest experts that will come to bear to protect you when claims are filled against you.”

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