WFC Research Awards Sponsored by NCMIC were Announced at DC2017

NCMIC demonstrates our “We Take Care of Our Own®” motto in many ways, including supporting chiropractic research and education projects. Since 1995, $14.8 million has been funded.

It is our goal to support projects that evaluate the impact of chiropractic care and chiropractic’s cost effectiveness in healthcare. That’s why we were proud to sponsor the World Federation of Chiropractic (WFC) Lou Sportelli Awards presented at DC2017 on March 18, 2017.

Here are the recipients and a summary of the important work they are doing.

Christine Goertz, Cyndy Long, Robert Vining, Katherine Pohlman, Joan Walter and Ian Coulter 

Recipients of the Scott Haldeman Award for Outstanding Research for assessing chiropractic treatment for active duty, U.S. military personnel who have low back pain: a randomized controlled trial. 

Katie de Luca, Lynne Parkinson, Scott Haldeman, Julie Byles and Fiona Blyth

Recipients of the NCMIC Lou Sportelli Research Awards—First Prize for studying the relationship between spinal pain and comorbidity: a cross-sectional analysis of 579 community-dwelling, older Australian women. 

Steven Passmore, Michael Johnson, Stephan Cooper, Mina Aziz and Cheryl Glazebrook 

Recipients of the NCMIC Lou Sportelli Research Awards— Second Prize for studying the impact of spinal manipulation on lower extremity motor control in lumbar spinal stenosis patients: a single-blind, Phase-I randomized clinical trial. 

Martha Funabashi, Francouis Nougarou, Martin Descarreaux, Narasihma Prasad and Greg Kawchuk 

Recipients of the NCMIC Lou Sportelli Research Awards—New Investigator Award for studying the interaction between spinal manipulative therapy input parameters on the loading characteristics of spinal segments.

Learn more about the ways NCMIC supports chiropractic research and education projects, as well as some specific funding examples. 

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