NCMIC and Attorneys Working Behind the Scenes

Every two years, NCMIC gathers leading malpractice defense attorneys to hear from speakers with great knowledge in a variety of fields field, as well as the latest chiropractic trial strategies and research.


NCMIC and Attorneys Working Behind the Scenes

NCMIC gathered together the country's leading defense attorneys to hear from speakers with great knowledge in a variety of fields. NCMIC's singular goal in hosting the Seminar is to focus on providing NCMIC policyholders with the best legal defense possible.

By giving defense attorneys the opportunity to hear from experts, discuss chiropractic cases and exchange strategies with colleagues, our policyholders benefit by having the most well-informed, chiropractic-conversant attorneys ready to defend them, should the need arise.

It’s one more example of how NCMIC works behind the scenes to benefit our chiropractic malpractice insurance policyholders.

What the Counsel Means to You

Being subject to a malpractice claim or simply accused of wrongdoing or unethical behavior is stressful enough without having to wonder if you’ll be defended effectively. NCMIC provides you with a powerful defense team to be there every step of the way. When it really matters, you don’t want to trust your reputation to just anybody.

Thanks to the shared knowledge and expertise provided by the Defense Counsel Seminar, our doctors benefit from attorneys and expert witnesses who are better prepared and more familiar with the latest issues, trial and defense strategies, and research available. You want — and deserve — the best when it comes to defending your reputation. As a result of the Seminar, that’s exactly what you get from NCMIC. Find out more about NCMIC Claims Expertise.

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