Meet Mindy McNew

Meet Mindy McNew, a team leader of NCMIC's Insurance Client Service Center.


Meet Mindy McNew

Say “hello” to Mindy McNew, a five-year employee of NCMIC with 12 years of experience as an insurance professional. Whether you are an existing policyholder or a doctor interested in becoming one, you can count on Mindy to provide the first-rate service that NCMIC is known for.

Mindy was recently promoted to team leader of NCMIC’s Insurance Client Service Center. The representatives she manages field phone inquiries from doctors about NCMIC’s malpractice insurance plan—providing quotes, advising on policy change options, answering application and billing questions, and more. Mindy also talks to doctors over the phone when they have more complex policy or service questions.

In addition to these duties, Mindy interacts with customers and prospective customers at state association meetings and conventions. Recently, she worked on a project to add more features to the login section of and make it easier for our doctors to use. She is also part of an initiative to put helpful information for doctors on NCMIC’s social media sites. 

Mindy is a Des Moines native who graduated from Simpson College in Indianola, Iowa. Before coming to NCMIC, Mindy worked for seven years as a claims adjuster for a large property and casualty insurance company.

Having a 10-year-old son who is active in baseball and basketball, Mindy’s spare time is limited, but she and her family enjoy spending time together in activities such as camping.

Mindy and her team have the detailed knowledge of the insurance industry needed to provide the first-rate service that NCMIC is known for. As an NCMIC policyholder, you also can be confident in knowing that Mindy and her team truly care about helping Doctors of Chiropractic.  To talk to a member of the Insurance Client Service Center Team, call 800-247-8043. Or, find out more about Why D.C.s Choose NCMIC.

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