What You Didn't Know About Mike Whitmer

Mike Whitmer is a 16-year employee with NCMIC who has 25 years of experience in the business world.


What You Didn't Know About Mike Whitmer

Mike Whitmer is a team leader of NCMIC's malpractice insurance program for D.C.s. Whether you are an existing policyholder or a doctor interested in becoming one, you can count on Mike and his team to provide the first-rate service that NCMIC is known for.

Mike leads NCMIC’s malpractice insurance program for D.C.s, including managing the Corporate Relations team that attends conventions, homecomings, vendor days and state association meetings. Mike and his team also present risk management seminars and conduct Starting Into Practice programs to provide D.C. students with the strategies they need to avoid malpractice allegations and to get started with the business side of chiropractic.

“The Corporate Relations team at NCMIC has worked hand in hand with the chiropractic profession through the years to educate, inform and ultimately protect chiropractors. It’s been a true honor to have the opportunity to serve this profession,” Mike says.

In addition, Mike works closely with faculty and administrators at chiropractic colleges and universities to help them identify and manage their evolving risks.

Mike and his team are often on the road, working with the profession, so you may see him at the next chiropractic convention or homecoming you attend.

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