Meet Jackie Hellrung

As you go to conventions, homecomings, vendor days and state association meetings, say “hi” to Jackie Hellrung, a professional relations representative with NCMIC.


Meet Jackie Hellrung

She is available to answer your general questions about NCMIC's malpractice insurance plan and finance products, such as credit card processing, equipment financing and our business credit card. You can also count on Jackie to help you access all of NCMIC's other products and services.

Before joining NCMIC, Jackie worked as a sales representative at a position where she traveled 100 percent of the time, as well as an event manager producing live events. These ranged from A-list concerts to presidential visits to sporting events to conferences, trade shows and conventions.

Jackie was born in Wisconsin and lived in Arizona before moving to Iowa. She has a daughter, Ashley, who is a massage therapist, and a son, Andrew, who is studying at the University of Iowa. Jackie has traveled to Italy, St. Maarten and Mexico, and she even lived in Switzerland for a time. She enjoys running with her two Siberian Huskies, volunteering and attending cultural events around town.

Her background provides a nice complement to NCMIC’s already well-rounded expertise at chiropractic events. Whether you are an existing policyholder or a doctor interested in becoming one, you can count on Jackie to provide the top-notch service that NCMIC is known for.

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