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The Dividend is a Team Effort

This March will mark the 24th time we have mailed dividend checks to our malpractice insurance policyholders. The dividend is possible because we – the board, leadership and employees of NCMIC, and our policyholders – work together to our mutual success.

  • NCMIC applies thoughtful, conservative management at all levels – from our investments, to our claims management, to our compliance department, and our leadership team – as we navigate the company through unpredictable times, as part of our goal to help our doctors do more.
  • The NCMIC board of directors, many of whom are chiropractors, set policies that allow us to manage challenges and support opportunities to strengthen and grow.
  • The North Star for all of us is our motto “We Take Care of Our Own®.” Whether we sit in accounting or claims or marketing, these words guide our actions each day as we go about serving our policyholders.
  • And our policyholders, who strive to improve the delivery of patient care while working thoughtfully to take actions, develop processes and maintain protocols to help mitigate risk.

How it Happens

In the fourth quarter of each year, the NCMIC Board of Directors meets to determine if a dividend will be declared and what the overall amount will be. This decision is based on the ongoing financial stability of the company, return on investments and how well our policyholders have managed risk in their practices.

Individual dividends are based on premium paid, the length of uninterrupted malpractice protection by NCMIC, and part- or full-time status. We have many doctors who will have received 24 dividend checks!

Check Your Email

We are pleased to be able to share the rewards of another successful year with our doctors. Dividend checks will be mailed the last week of March. We are sending an email asking you to verify that your mailing address is correct. Look for it this week!

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