Why Your Company Should Support the Profession

Make sure that your malpractice insurance company actively supports the profession.


Why Your Malpractice Insurance Company Should Support the Profession

Does your malpractice insurance company give back to the chiropractic profession? Or, do they just benefit from it? Here is what to look for to ensure the company you choose takes an active role in supporting the profession.

When you're selecting a malpractice insurance company, it's important to ensure your malpractice company is invested in giving back to chiropractic rather than just benefiting from it. Look for companies that support chiropractic research and education programs, take an active role in state and national professional organizations, and understand the chiropractic issues facing the profession today.

Another important consideration is how the company supports the chiropractic colleges. Ask if the company has…

  • Provided funding for research that enables curriculum enhancements.
  • Offered a business education training program for students through the colleges.
  • Expanded risk management education and materials to teach colleges, students and practitioners about malpractice business risks.

Find out what other questions you should ask when selecting a malpractice insurance company.

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