Take This Malpractice Insurance Quiz

It's always good to test your malpractice insurance knowledge. Take this 8-point quiz to find out how much you know!


Take This Malpractice Insurance Quiz

Learning is a life-long experience. Whether you've been a D.C. for several years or just starting out, it's always good to test your malpractice insurance knowledge. Take this 8-point quiz to find out how much you know!

Choose True or False for each question.

(Correct answers appear below.)

  1. NCMIC requires policyholders’ patients to sign an arbitration agreement.

  2. NCMIC’s malpractice insurance policy covers D.C.s who perform pediatric chiropractic treatments.

  3. Premiums for occurrence coverage and claims-made are not the same.

  4. Lower policy limits have no effect on the outcome of a lawsuit.

  5. A general liability policy also provides coverage for malpractice lawsuits.

  6. Only one D.C. can be covered by your malpractice policy.

  7. NCMIC’s Malpractice Insurance Plan provides coverage for chiropractic assistants, massage therapists, RNs and LPNs only if they are registered or licensed providers.

  8. In the event of a malpractice allegation, NCMIC can settle a claim without your consent if they believe it to be in your best interests.


  1. False. NCMIC doesn’t recommend arbitration agreements.

  2. True. NCMIC’s policy covers all types of chiropractic treatments. NCMIC’s policy generally provides scope of practice coverage with some exclusions or excluded activities.

  3. True. An occurrence policy offers a steady base premium that doesn’t increase due to policy maturity. The premium for a claims-made policy increases each year until the policy reaching maturity in year five.

  4. False. Limits that are inadequate to negotiate a settlement can sometimes become a barrier to reaching a successful outcome.

  5. False. Malpractice insurance only covers for profesional services the DC will render and would not cover the day-to-day liability issues surrounding the business premises.

  6. True. Each Doctor of Chiropractic must have his or her own individual malpractice insurance coverage.

  7. False. As long as they are employees and under the supervision of a licensed chiropractor, NCMIC’s Plan provides coverage whether the individuals are registered, certified, licensed or unlicensed.

  8. False. NCMIC has a true consent to settle feature, which means they will never settle a claim without your authorization.

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