Claims Advice Hotline

NCMIC's Claims Advice Hotline staff has seen just about every type of allegation. They may even be able to help you avoid a claim. But don't take our word for it ...


NCMIC's Claims Advice Hotline: Attorneys Tell All

NCMIC's Claims Advice Hotline staff will confidentially guide you through potential claims situations. Three top malpractice defense attorneys explain how D.C.s can use NCMIC's experience to their advantage [video].

But don’t take our word for it. Hear what some top malpractice defense attorneys have to say:

Claims Advice Hotline play

Texas attorney Michele Quattlebaum explains that if you have a contentious issue with a patient, “It is so nice to be able to contact the NCMIC Claims Hotline and ask them ‘What do I do?’.” The Claims staff will answer your questions or call an attorney in your state to help you and guide you.

Barry Vogel from California adds that many, many of his cases over the years have started with an event. In that moment, he says, it is really nice to know you can call NCMIC’s “…seasoned professionals who have answers to every single question—because you’re not going to ask a question they haven’t heard before—they are too experienced; they know the answers to the questions and are ready for you when you call. It’s a big deal.”

What’s more, Colorado’s June Baker-Laird says the NCMIC Hotline is invaluable: “It’s a security piece for chiropractors to be able to pick up the telephone and call their insurance company and talk to someone who is interested, who cares and who wants to help you address the problem that you’re encountering.”

What Should You Do?

If you, as a policyholder, ever have a situation occur that you believe could possibly lead you down the path of an allegation of malpractice or board complaint, don’t hesitate to call  800-242-4052. A claim won’t be opened automatically when you call (so you can maintain your claims-free discount), and an experienced claim representative will confidentially guide you toward avoiding a claim. 

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