Defending D.C.s and the Chiropractic Profession

Colorado defense attorney Katherine Otto shares her views on NCMIC's commitment to protecting the reputation of chiropractors and the profession.


Defending D.C.s and the Chiropractic Profession

Attorney Katherine Otto explains how NCMIC's knowledge and expertise helps her in the defense of D.C.s confronting a malpractice suit or a board allegation [video].

When your D.C. practice or license is in jeopardy because of a malpractice allegation, it is important to have someone defending you who truly understands the profession and the latest techniques and defense strategies. You also want someone on your side who is going to be compassionate and interested in what you want, and work effortlessly on your behalf to defend your reputation.

In this video, top Colorado defense attorney Katherine Otto shares why that someone should be NCMIC.

Katherine Otto play

In this video, Katherine says, “NCMIC is amazing to work with as a defense lawyer … They have a very strong commitment to the practice of chiropractic … They understand what their doctors are doing day in and day out, and they’re supportive of it.”

That’s why when Katherine is retained by NCMIC in a malpractice suit or a board allegation on behalf of a D.C., she counts on NCMIC’s knowledge and expertise. As she explains: “… it is incredibly invaluable to have that team at NCMIC supporting not only me and my efforts, but supporting the insured who is going through all of this. We become a team together, all of us committed to defending the chiropractor (the insured) and the profession.”

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