Common Question: Who Is Covered by My Policy?

NCMIC's Insurance Client Service Center representatives are happy to answer our doctors' questions. Here is the answer to a common question one: Who is covered by my policy?


Common Question: Who Is Covered by My Policy?

As the assistant vice president of NCMIC's Insurance Client Service Center, I hear firsthand the questions doctors ask about their malpractice insurance policies. Here's how our representatives respond when doctors ask who is covered by their policies.

The NCMIC policy provides coverage on a shared limits of liability basis for the following individuals, as long as they are employed by the policyholder:

  • Chiropractic assistants
  • Massage therapists
  • Registered or licensed practical nurses
  • Any unlicensed ancillary personnel

Because coverage for the above individuals is provided on a shared limits of liability basis, it is important to remember that the policyholder’s available limits of liability could be reduced if there are multiple claims.

As for other licensed D.C.s in your practice, each one must have his or her own individual coverage. For risk management purposes, we recommend that any other licensed D.C. in your practice maintain a policy with limits of liability equal to the limits of liability on the insured’s policy.

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Please note: The states of Connecticut and Kansas do not allow shared limits of liability. Policyholders in these states should contact us at 1-800-247-8043 to learn about their coverage options.