Call Without Jeopardizing Your Claims-Free Status

A simple phone call to discuss a troubling issue may save your claims-free status.


Call Without Jeopardizing Your Claims-Free Status

Claims-free status! It's important to many D.C.s, almost like a badge of honor. So why risk losing your claims-free status over a simple issue that could be settled with a single phone call? With NCMIC, you don't have to.

NCMIC’s claims specialists are here to help you. With over 300 years of combined experience in claims handling, 200 of which is chiropractic specific, our claims team can handle just about any question you have. But it’s the way they handle each one of those calls and how they work to protect your claims-free status throughout your career that makes NCMIC different than most other chiropractic malpractice insurance companies.

If you would like to discuss a troubling situation, you can call the NCMIC Claims Advice Hotline at 1-800-242-4052. It’s at no additional cost to you as a policyholder.

But I bet you didn’t know that when you call, we don’t automatically open a claim in your name. That’s right. While many other companies may set up a claim file each time you call with an incident or situation that causes concern — no matter how trivial or complicated — NCMIC’s approach is different.

When you call us with an issue, question or concern, your information is logged so that we can refer back to it (if necessary) at any time. However, the call isn’t put into your claims record. No matter how many times you call, the process remains the same and your claims-free status is never jeopardized. A claim will not be opened until the reasons why are discussed with you. This approach helps you maintain that badge of honor, but still allows you to receive expert guidance when you need it.

You can be rest assured when you call NCMIC’s Claims Advice Hotline — 1-800-242-4052 — you’ll be assisted by a claims professional and backed by a company with over 70 years’ experience helping Doctors of Chiropractic. “We Take Care of Our Own” and help you remain claims-free whenever you call.

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