Workers' Comp Coverage for Employees and Your Practice

Even pirates were offered protection in the line of duty - well, maybe. Regardless, workers' comp insurance is essential for protecting your employees as well as your practice. Find out why.


Workers' Comp Coverage for Employees and Your Practice

Every business, large or small, must deal with workers' compensation insurance. Most states require employers to purchase this essential coverage that protects both the employee and the employer.

Some researchers suggest that workers’ comp coverage can be traced back to Caribbean pirates who, if injured during their dangerous activities, were compensated with shares of the loot taken by fellow buccaneers. In actuality, we know that workers’ compensation requirements in the U.S. began in 1911.

Before that time, if an employee was injured or became ill on the job, they had to sue the employer for medical care and compensation of lost wages.

Today’s workers’ comp coverage provides benefits including medical expenses, death benefits, lost wages, and vocational rehabilitation.

Failure to carry workers' compensation insurance or otherwise meet a state's regulations can leave an employer exposed not only to paying these benefits out of pocket, but also to paying penalties levied by the states.

Find out what your state requires for workers’ compensation insurance coverage by visiting this website.  

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