What a Hiring D.C. Wants

If you're wondering what a hiring D.C. is looking for, find out more from this D.C. She shares her perspective on what she needs and what she doesn't need when hiring a D.C. for her practice.

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What a Hiring D.C. Wants

What am I looking for when I hire a chiropractor for my practice? This is a question I am often asked and many are surprised to hear the answer.  Since I have such a huge passion for marketing, most students and chiropractors assume that it's the asset I look for when hiring someone.  This is just not the case.

Since I love the marketing aspects of the practice, my need is not for more people to do marketing; rather my need is for incredible doctors who will be there to see the patients I can bring into the practice through my marketing efforts.  Remember as well, that quality patient care and clinical excellence is marketing.  It’s internal marketing that nurtures word of mouth referrals.

I look for doctors who understand and embrace the necessity to “serve” other human beings.  I want them to recognize that the most important role in our practice is to help our patients and that might mean working longer hours than expected, because a patient needed more from us.

I want doctors who are insecure on a daily basis, believing that they could be learning more and who use that energy to do just that – always sharpening their blades as specialists in spine care.

I expect every doctor we hire to feel this way as doctors but some doctors also want to be better at marketing.  If so, then we direct that doctor through training in marketing as well as clinical.  If a doctor we hire despises marketing, then we don’t require it and that’s perfectly fine with me.  I don’t want to set anyone up for failure and at the same time,

I want everyone’s compensation to be dependent on his or her passion to do more of whatever they love to do most.

With all of this said, the question becomes for some, when looking for a position, how do you determine what the hiring doctor is looking for.  Very simply, the question needs to be asked.  When I’m interviewing a chiropractor or student intern, I expect them to ask me what I am looking for and at the same time, know what they are most passionate about.

In this way, we typically find the perfect match.

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