4 Tips for Getting Hired

Sometimes it's difficult figuring out what to do first when you're preparing to go into practice. If you're looking for a position as an associate or independent contractor, these tips may help.

Get Hired

4 Tips for Getting Hired

There are some very simple and easy steps you can do to ease your ability to get hired.

These are just a few:

1. Credential with insurance companies

Ask any field doc, and they are likely to tell you how annoying it can be to go through the credentialing process with a new doc. When you have determined where you would like to get set up, start contacting the appropriate insurance companies. In many cases you can get enrolled in the programs before you are hired. There is often a small credentialing fee, but it will really make things easier for your other doc.

2. Create a marketing plan

Too often I see new docs who are planning on associating eschew their responsibility in creating a business plan. While this is an issue unto itself, I am going to focus on the marketing plan. Do a demographic study of the desired areas where you want to work. Who do you want to take care of? How are you going to meet them and bring them into the office? It will truly put you way ahead of the game if you have a plan for this as you are talking with field docs. I have yet to run across someone who is that prepared.

3. Get involved in the community

As you are looking into an area, look for organizations, etc. that you have an interest in getting involved in. As a field doc, seeing an intent to dig into the community will give a strong signal that you are serious about this. The last thing I want to do is invest time and energy into someone, and have them take off for someplace they would rather be.

4. Go where you want to live

This item probably should have preceded the last one. Make sure you are looking for jobs in places you want to live. A rough statistic suggests 80% of docs stay within 20 miles of where they associate. If you don't have a desire to live someplace, it can really show in your interviews. Most docs like where they live, and an earnest interest in the area will create a connection between the two of you.

I hope these suggestions have helped. For details on how to write a marketing plan, please refer to the content on our website in the Learning Center.

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