Don't Panic - Ask for the Sale

If you're preparing to graduate and wondering what your options are for practicing, here are a few to consider. There's more than one way to begin your chiropractic career.

Get Hired

Don't Panic - Ask for the Sale

The college door swings close behind you. Panic begins to settle in. No more classes. No more tests. No more loan money to live on. Just a wide open world ready for you to claim! What Now?

What now?

Your student loans will be due in six months! You haven't even decided where you're headed yet! Help!

Sound familiar?

Not to worry, because you are still in a position to succeed! The economy and luck are on your side. Never has there been a better time to walk into a chiropractic office in a town you might want to practice in. ASK for an opportunity to associate with a possible chance of buying the doctor out at the end of a year or two!

Here are some reasons this could be your ticket to financial success!

  1. Baby boomers are ready to retire
  2. Very few baby boomers have exit strategies
  3. Medicare rules will require electronic billing
  4. Baby boomers may want to walk away rather than learn electronic billing
  5. Baby boomers want more time to relax
  6. You'll have a turn-key opportunity if you create that exit strategy for the doctor

So, what's required of you?

  • Find the place you want to practice
  • Visit doctor's offices in that area
  • ASK if you can associate with them for a year with the thought process that if you have a good fit, you'd like to buy the practice!
  • Arm yourself with knowledge of their practice and expect a few no's before you find the right fit!

Some doctors might never have thought about hiring an associate, but if you're well prepared with a great attitude, a business plan and a marketing plan to show them your value you can offer them a chance to take more time off, update their computer systems and/or buy them out.

You both might be winners!

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