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Why a Top Defense Attorney Recommends NCMIC

NCMIC Puts Your Needs First and Foremost 24/7

Attorney Victoria Vance explains how NCMIC works for its doctors' best interests and uses its vast resources in the defense of D.C.s who face a malpractice suit or a board allegation [video].

When it comes to a potential malpractice defense, three simple—yet powerful—words describe why it is so important to have NCMIC in your corner: your best interests!

But don’t take our word for it. Hear what longtime Cleveland, Ohio, malpractice attorney Victoria L. Vance has to say about why it is a pleasure to have NCMIC as a partner working with you.

Vicki Vance

According to Victoria, NCMIC wants to see you succeed. She explains in the video “the services you receive from NCMIC are truly personal and supportive, and intended to help you and help your practice.” She further explains, “They provide me with the support and ability to provide the defense to you that I think is absolutely in your best interest.”

Another advantage NCMIC has over other malpractice insurance companies is their vast resources to answer questions and their ability to refer you to other professionals and other colleagues who are eager to help you and provide you the support you need and deserve. As Victoria points out, no matter what the issue, NCMIC is there to assist. “Should it be an event or patient incident that you need help with, help is only a phone call away with NCMIC.”

When you need to make that call, NCMIC and their network of attorneys know your needs are first and foremost. “We will work with you and be available to provide you with as much time and attention and service as you need,” Victoria says. “We are your number-one resource. If you get into trouble, we make ourselves available to you literally 24/7.”

Hear more reasons why top attorneys recommend NCMIC or find out how calling our Claims Advice Hotline may help you avoid a claim.

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