Everyone always tells me to find the lowest rate possible. Is there anything else I should be concerned about before I sign my contract?

Absolutely. Rate is only part of your financing arrangement. You should be very careful about hidden fees and unfavorable terms in a contract.

There are a number of provisions often found in financing contracts that increase your overall cost, including: required security deposits, down payments, prepayment penalties and end-of-term buyouts.

Let us compare a lease or loan contract you're considering to ours before you sign. While we cannot provide legal advice, we would be happy to compare it to our contract and point out differences in terms and fees.

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Equipment loans offered by NCMIC Finance Corporation are subject to credit approval. You should consult an attorney or financial advisor for specific legal or tax advice before entering into any financing arrangement. NCMIC and the equipment vendor you select are separate companies, are not agents of one another, and have no authority to bind one another to financial or other contractual obligations.