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Over 13,000 customers have switched to NCMIC's Credit Card Processing Program and many D.C.s are saving thousands of dollars. See how much you can save on processing costs by taking the NCMIC Challenge.

Take the $100 NCMIC Challenge

If you currently accept credit cards, simply send us your most recent monthly statement. We'll analyze it and send you a side-by-side comparison showing your monthly and annual estimated savings if you switch to NCMIC's program.

If NCMIC can't meet or beat the overall cost of your current credit card program, we'll send you a $100 Mastercard® gift card—no questions asked!

Take the Challenge Now ...

Complete the Express Request and upload your current credit card processing statement. Under "Quote Information" you'll be asked if you currently accept credit cards. Answer "Yes" and attach your statement. 

Or ...

Email or FAX your processing statement with this Cover Sheet.

Take advantage of this opportunity to see if you can save money with NCMIC, a company you can trust. There's nothing to lose and no obligation to switch.

Remember, if we can't meet or beat your current program, you'll receive $100.

Credit Card Processing


Call a processing specialist at 800-839-1629, ext. 5606

The credit card processing program is offered by NCMIC Finance Corporation. Mastercard is a registered trademark of Mastercard International, Inc. Practices processing less than $2,000 per month are not eligible for the $100 price challenge.