Accepting Credit Cards?

Paying high credit card processing fees means you're giving away a portion of your profits with every credit card transaction. Let us help boost your bottom line when you switch to NCMIC's Credit Card Processing Program.

Are you fed up with high credit card processing rates and fees? NCMIC can help. We pride ourselves on offering our D.C.s low pricing on credit card processing.

No-Obligation Savings Comparison

To get started, take advantage of the NCMIC Challenge. We'll provide you with a no-obligation savings comparison showing your current rates and fees compared to NCMIC's. We're so confident you'll save, we'll send you $100 if we can't meet or beat your current pricing.

It's Simple to Switch

When you're ready to switch, NCMIC makes it easy. Your current processing equipment can be reprogrammed over the phone with minimal interruption.

Or, if you'd prefer to upgrade, NCMIC will provide the latest, state-of-the-art equipment at no additional cost. It's yours to use for as long as you process with NCMIC. It will arrive pre-programmed and ready to accept chip cards and new contactless payments such as Apple Pay® and Android Pay™.

Credit Card Processing


Call a processing specialist at 800-839-1629, ext. 5606

The credit card processing program is offered by NCMIC Finance Corporation. Mastercard is a registered trademark of Mastercard International, Inc.  Apple Pay is a registered trademark of Apple, Inc. Android Pay is a registered trademark of Google, Inc. Practices processing less than $2,000 per month are not eligible for the $100 price challenge.