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Carrying the Right Credit Card Can Save You Money

If you are like a majority of Americans, you have at least one major credit card in your wallet – of course, that doesn't stop other business credit card offers from frequently landing in your mailbox. But do you know how to judge the right credit card options for you?

Typically, there are three areas that are important to cardholders and those looking for new business credit cards:


This is the easiest way to leverage the money you spend. With most of our MilesAway® business credit card options, you earn points every time you make a purchase. Those points can be used for air travel, gift cards, merchandise, hotels and more. And with our MilesAway Choice card, you can build your own rewards based on the way you spend – and your points never expire.

If your current credit card doesn’t offer rewards, you are missing out on a big opportunity to leverage your business spending.

Interest Rates

What is the interest rate on your credit card? Surprisingly few people can answer that question. Even if you pay off your balance every month, it is important you understand what your rate is and why. Call the cardholder service number on the back of your card and they will able to help. Our MilesAway cards offer a competitive interest rate of 9.99%, or 9.99% + Prime, depending on which card you choose.


Does your credit card have annual fees, balance transfer fees, or introductory rates that transition to a new rate after a period of time? Looking for no fee credit cards, or at least understanding how the “extra” fees work, can also save you money.

For example, if you want to transfer a balance from a credit card with a higher interest rate, will your savings be eliminated if you pay a three percent transfer fee? Our MilesAway Essential and MilesAway Classic are two of the best no annual fee credit cards for businesses and chiropractors. In addition to being a no annual fee credit card, MilesAway Classic also offers rewards of 1 point per dollar spent.

Research Your Options

Although credit cards are becoming more transparent about their fee structures and programs due to regulatory changes, it’s important to make sure you’re educated about how your business credit card works. Ask the right questions – and you could save yourself some money!

Learn more about the best credit card for businesses and chiropractors: NCMIC’s MilesAway business credit cards, with four options available so you can choose a card that fits the way you practice.

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