Tennessee Policyholders: Notice to policyholders recently affected by severe weather. 

Coronavirus Policy Updates


Premium Options

Alert: Premium Relief

NCMIC is offering billing support for those policyholders who have been impacted by efforts to reduce the spread of COVID-19. We are also continuing to monitor directives from State Departments of Insurance that may provide additional options to assist those who have been impacted by recent events. If you would like to speak with an NCMIC representative, please contact us at 1-800-247-8043.

Grace Period

In some cases, we have been extending payment grace periods on a temporary basis. If you need assistance and would like to discuss your options, please contact our office at 1-800-247-8043 to discuss additional options with one of our Client Representatives. We understand the current environment because of COVID-19 is challenging, and may be able to work with you further.

Part-Time Discount

Policyholders may request a COVID-19 Related Part-Time Discount on their Professional Liability Policy based on decreased patient visits and/or office hours due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The discount is a temporary measure; policyholders will receive a 30-day notice before they are changed back to full-time status. At that time, they may reconfirm their qualification for part-time status as appropriate.

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Coverage for COVID-19 Related Claims

Will I Be Covered for Patient Claims Related to COVID-19?

Generally, yes. It is NCMIC’s intent to cover allegations of malpractice related to COVID-19. NCMIC does not plan to restrict coverage for patient claims related to the pandemic. However, the policy is subject to generally applicable terms and conditions.  Ultimately, any coverage determination will be based on the specific facts and allegations of the claim. 

Note: Your NCMIC policy only provides coverage for professional negligence. If you are concerned about coverage for other COVID-19 issues related to running your office, please review your other insurance coverages and contact your carrier or agent directly with any insurance questions, not related to your malpractice coverage with NCMIC.

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Leave of Absence

Request for COVID-19 Leave of Absence

NCMIC recognizes the impact the Coronavirus pandemic has had on caused chiropractors.  We want to provide options to our policyholders to help them through this difficult time.  As a result, we created a new Leave of Absence option for the NCMIC policy to give chiropractors additional flexibility to lower their costs by suspending coverage for a period of time, yet maintaining their malpractice policy through NCMIC. 

Allowable Time Frame Option

NCMIC has added an allowable time frame for a new Leave of Absence option from a minimum of 15 days.  Previously, the only option for Leave of Absence was 60 days minimum leave.  This new option provides doctors the flexibility to reactivate their policy if they are unable to practice for shorter time frames due to circumstances related to the coronavirus pandemic. 

Coronavirus Premium Charge Waived

The premium for Leave of Absence related to the coronavirus pandemic is being waived.  The premium charge for other Leave of Absence reasons is 10% of the policy’s base premium.  This will not be charged on this new endorsement. 

Incidents During Leave Of Absence

Note:  While a policy is on Leave of Absence status, coverage is not available for incidents which may occur during the Leave of Absence period.  A Leave of Absence is not advised for doctors who continue to treat patients in any manner.  For these doctors, please contact NCMIC to explore other options.  Coverage for incidents which may occur as a result of treatment by other professionals will still apply to insured entities during the leave of absence period unless specifically requested to suspend coverage for insured entities as well.  

Maintain Longevity Benefits

By placing a policy on Leave of Absence status, doctors are able to save money on the premium for their policy yet maintain longevity benefits through NCMIC, such as the dividend (which is not guaranteed) and claims-free discounts. 

Incidents Prior to Leave of Absence

During Leave of Absence status, coverage is still in place for incidents which may have occurred prior to the beginning date of the Leave of Absence.  For policyholders with claims made coverage, you can still report claims which took place prior to your leave of absence. You do not need to purchase ERE (tail coverage) during a Leave of Absence. 

Practice Resumption

 It is important for doctors to call NCMIC when practice resumes to remove the Leave of Absence and reactivate their policies.  Remember, coverage will not apply for incidents that occur during the Leave of Absence period. 

Disclaimer: The Covid-19 Leave of Absence is not available in all states. 

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We have received many questions with respect to telemedicine and malpractice insurance coverage. Our guidance is that based on your clinical judgment and in the interest of continuity of care, please use alternative methods such as telephone and video conferencing as available. For video conferencing, please work with the vendor to ensure the software includes encryption and HIPAA compliance.

Based on your clinical judgment, consider postponing visits of an elective or non-emergent nature if you think it is not possible to adequately evaluate the patient over telephone or video conference methods. Information on this is evolving quickly and though we have heard that licensure requirements will be relaxed to facilitate telemedicine, we do not have concrete guidance yet. For the most up-to-date guidelines, contact your state licensing board.

If you are considering providing telemedicine services, check with the health insurance carriers you are an approved provider for and confirm your services would be covered using telemedicine. Please let us know if you have any other specific questions.

See also: NCMIC's Statement on Telemedicine Support

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The recording below addresses common questions about how Coronavirus (COVID-19) may affect your policy.

Webinars will be presented Mondays and Thursdays at 2:00 p.m. (Central time) If necessary, we may add an additional session to share breaking news. Eventually, we will reduce to one webinar per week as the dust begins to settle. 

  View & Register For the Webinar Series  

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Additional Resources

From how to talk to patients who want to cancel appointments to a sharable flyer for your office, we’ve developed a number of resources to help you handle the impact on your practice, staff and patients

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