Updating Your Policy

We understand things change.  You can make changes to your policy at any time. 

Benefit Amount Changes

To change your monthly benefit amount:

Benefit Change Instructions
Decrease Call an NCMIC Insurance Services client representative at 1-800-932-9340. Your representative will send you a short form to complete.

You may apply for an increase by completing an application.

Note: Your monthly benefit amount cannot be more than 60% of your monthly earnings at enrollment. Also, at your first renewal after turning 60, the maximum monthly benefit amount is $2,500. Call a client representative at 1-800-932-9340.

Elimination Period Changes

To change your Elimination Period from:

Elimination Period Instructions
90 to 180 days Call NCMIC Insurance Services at 1-800-932-9340. A client representative will fax, email or mail you a brief form.
180 days to 90 days An application is required. Call a client representative at 1-800-932-9340.