NCMIC Challenge

Take the NCMIC Challenge and see how much money you can save.

Special Credit Card Processing Offer for ACA Members

At NCMIC, we’re so convinced that you can save money with our credit card processing program, we’re ready to pay you $100 if you can’t.

It’s EASY to find out with the NCMIC Challenge.

We’ll compare our low discount rates and fees to your current program and send you a side-by-side analysis showing how much you’ll save with NCMIC. 

If we can't meet or beat your current pricing, you'll get a $100 Mastercard gift card. 

If you can save money and you switch to NCMIC’s Program, you’ll get a $100 gift card as a sign-up bonus and a state-of-the-art terminal to use at no additional cost as long as you process through NCMIC. 

There’s nothing to lose!

ACA Members: See How Much You Can Save

Don’t wait. Take advantage of this special offer for the $100 sign-up bonus and free-to-use terminal.

Take the NCMIC Challenge today!

The credit card processing program is offered by NCMIC Finance Corporation. The $100 challenge offer is for practices that process $1000 or more each month. A two-year contract is required to receive the chip credit card terminal and $100 sign-up bonus, which will arrive 2-4 weeks after you begin processing. An early termination fee applies. Arrival of next-day deposits are subject to your bank’s terms and conditions. Trademarks listed within are the property of their respective owners. NCMIC Finance Corporation and American Chiropractic Association are separate entities, are not agents of one another, and have no authority to bind one another to financial or other contractual obligations.